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The Social Dimension of Mindfulness.

13 January 2019
European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk

The aim of the conference we would like to invite you to is actually to give a sense of this social dimension of mindfulness and related phenomena and interventions, as well as to reflect together on the prospects of deepening its transformative potential in Poland.

In this context, the choice of the conference venue has not been accidental. We wanted it to take place at the European Solidarity Centre, a place that symbolises and illustrates the ethical values ​​and activities that have been at the root of this remarkable social movement in Poland.

These universal ethical values ​​and activities are also the foundation of the practice of mindfulness, understood in a deeper way than its simplistic version, popularised by the media and sometimes referred to as McMindfulness.

On behalf of the conference organisers and the Mindfulness Development Foundation,

Paweł Holas


Registration of participants.
Opening of the conference. Meditation.
– Paweł Holas, MD, PhD, Ewa Kochanowska
Developing compassion.
– Julia Wahl
Mindfulness, and perhaps something more? The social dimension of mindfulness.

– Paweł Holas, MD, PhD, University of Warsaw

MBCT: from the laboratory to the world.
– Prof. Mark Williams, Oxford University


prof. Mark Williams
Oxford University
dr Christina Surawy
Oxford Mindfulness Center
dr hab. Paweł Holas
University od Warsaw
Stanisław Radoń
John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

– Paweł Holas, MD, PhD, University of Warsaw